SoGaCo - Social Gaming & Coding

SoGaCo is an educational platform developed by the Software Engineering Group at Massey University. With SoGaCo, students at highschool and university undergrad level can use a simple web-based development environment to code bots that play simple math / board games on their behalf. We expect that using SoGaCo will improve the learning outcomes of students by motivating them to engage. Note that this is just a claim at the moment that still has to be confirmed by research.

The advantage for education providers is that SoGaCo can be easily deployed in the cloud with providers like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, and no on-site installation and administration is necessary. SoGaCo can be used to teach basic programming concepts, algorithms and data structures, and selected topics in artificial intelligence. SoGaCo currently supports several games (PrimeGame, Othello, Mancala, coming soon: TicTacToe and Chinese Checkers), programming languages (Java and Python, planned: Ruby and JavaScript) and authentication methods (LDAP, Google and Facebook via OpenAuth).

Underneath SoGaCo is a sophisticated modular service-based architecture that processes bots using a verification pipeline in order to prevent injection and denial of service attacks. The SoGaCo project offers many opportunities for potential collaborators. If you are interested to use SoGaCo in your teaching, or have ideas how to extend or improve it, please let us know. For more infos, contact Jens Dietrich.